As directed by the Embassy of India in Washington DC, please note the following:
  • Editing of applicant's personal information WILL NOT be allowed after their applications are physically received at the CKGS Passport Application Center.
  • The application will be REJECTED on technical grounds if there is a variance with information in passport.
  • The rejected application will be returned back to the applicant and they will have to redo the entire process.
Please Note:
  • Any variance in the data mentioned in the applicant's passport and that mentioned in the online application form will be the sole responsibility of the applicant and they have to ensure that the data is validated correctly before sending their application to CKGS Center. CKGS will not undertake any 'Edits' in the applications.
  • In these cases CKGS Service fee, convenience fee (bank charges for online payment) and any shipping fee purchased through CKGS will be non-refundable (which will be used to ship back the application to the applicant).
  • It is absolutely necessary to use your Recent Original Indian Passport details whilst filling your Passport Application.
  • Information on the government online passport application form, your existing passport and all supplementary forms must be identical.
  • To change your personal details, you must select the appropriate options under Miscellaneous Services.
Important note on the Passport website for applicants:

The Government NRI passport application website has been upgraded for your convenience. With the new website there is no need for Hand-filling the application!

  • As you know there may be certain delays during the upgradation phase. If in case you come across any delays /difficulties while completing your Passport application on the Government NRI Passport website; kindly try after some time as CKGS being mere a facilitator has no control over the Government NRI Passport website.

  • Due to the recent changes there may be certain fields that are repetitive between CKGS website and Government passport application form. CKGS needs the information to populate the correct checklist, fees and to auto populate the applicable forms for you. In due time changes may be made to improve the user experience.

We seek your kind understanding and regret any inconvenience!

Common Mistakes for REJECTION
  • First Name / Given Names should be as per your most recent passport. It should include middle name if any. (This is the most common mistake.)
  • Gender should be correct.
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Passport no
  • Date of Issue of Passport
  • Date of Expiry of Passport

Applicants are requested to ensure details on the Government Online NRI Passport Form must be exactly as in the Indian Passport or else the application will be rejected.

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