Form Filling Assistance - In Person at the Indian Passport Application Center

We are happy to provide assistance to help you fill your forms and check your application before submission.

Please click on the Start Now button shown below and follow the steps. You will have to answer a few questions that will help us narrow down what service/s you are looking for and filter the correct documents that you will have to bring along with you. You will also be able to see the fees applicable to you based on your selection.

You will then proceed to book an appointment. Please carry all the documents listed in the document checklist, some of which are original documents and some are copies. You will be advised on the checklist the number of copies required and whether they have to be Self Attested or Notarized. You can find notarization services near the CKGS Passport Application Center. Do keep in mind that in cases of Minors, both parents’ signatures are required if the document/s have to be notarized.

Sr. No. Description Amount
1 CKGS Service Fee $19.95
2 Photocopying(per page) $ 1.00
Each Additional photocopy $1.00
3 4 Photographs $ 7.99
4 Printing service (per page) $0.10
5 Courier service (next day) $15.00
6 Form filling (per form) $19.95
7 SMS $5.00
Click on Start Now and follow the steps
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