• How do I change the address on my passport?
  • I do not have a valid state ID that reflects my true current address, is there an alternate method to prove my residency?
    The Proof of address must match with the present address of the application. Only one of the following will be required as proof.
    • Only State Issued – Driving license
      NOTE: Do NOT cut your driver’s license copy down to a smaller size
    • Utility Bill – Water
    • Utility Bill – Electricity
    • Utility Bill – Gas
    • Valid lease signed by landlord and tenant.
    • For College / University students living on campus in University housing / dormitories - A letter from institution on the institution’s letter head explaining the exact address that one presently resides in.
    The following items are NOT ACCEPTED: cell phone bill, credit card statement, bank statement. The address cannot include a P.O. Box.