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The definition of CKGS and the Applicant as defined in Terms & Conditions are applicable for the Disclaimer policy. Please note that acceptance of an application is no evidence of approval of the application. Dispatch / return / collection of documents do not imply that the application is granted. The approval of the application is the sole prerogative of the Embassy / Consulate.

CKGS does not guarantee the outcome of any application, or the time within which, the outcome is achieved.  All applications are adjudicated by the Embassy / Consulate. CKGS has NO role to play in the final decision NOR does CKGS control the type / term granted by the Embassy / Consulate.  There will be NO refund or reduction in fees, irrespective of the status of the decision by the Embassy / Consulate.

CKGS recommends that the applicant do not purchase tickets and / or make accommodation nor any other bookings / costs which cannot be cancelled without cost prior to the issuance of the applied service.

Important: Applicant must ensure that they enter their correct & contactable personal details such as email address, mobile number, and address on both the CKGS form and the Govt. form and not that of a third party agent. Documents will be returned to the address stated on the form. If the applicant has changed the address, then valid proof of new address will be required before the application is submitted to CKGS.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to send the application in complete and accurate state in terms of Government forms, CKGS forms, choice of service type and category, payments and all forms and documents as per the relevant checklists. The onus of the data submitted is on the applicant alone and CKGS will not be liable for the same. Similarly, in instances wherein the applicants have been assisted by CKGS for filing the application form it shall be deemed that the applicants’ have independently provided complete and accurate data and that it has been checked by ‘the applicant before submission. The applicant can track the application status on the CKGS website Please note that all communication from CKGS will be by email on the email ID which the applicant has mentioned on the application form. CKGS will send emails through an email id CKGS recommends that the Applicant must add to the white list / approved / safe sender list. CKGS advises the applicants’ to check their spam folders regularly for the emails from CKGS.

In case the application is not complete, including non-payment / shortfall of payment; the applicant will be informed by email of the deficiency / s in the application. The application will be returned to the Applicant if the deficiency / s are not completed within the stipulated time frame and no fees will be refunded. In case the application is submitted by CKGS to the Embassy / Consulate and returned due to deficiency /s, no fees whatsoever will be refunded. Please refer to the Abandonment Policy in our Terms & Conditions.

The Embassy / Consulate reserves the right to call an Applicant for a personal interview or ask for additional document / s beyond what may be listed on the website and which must be provided by the Applicant on the receipt of information to do so. The website contains the required information in connection with the Services. The said website will be updated as per the instructions of the Embassy / Consulate and will change from time to time. Applicants are advised to track their application status online on Dispatch / return of documents is also subject to the Postal / Shipping Service Provider  Terms & Conditions.

Please refer to the Shipping Policy for prepaid labels bought directly by the applicant from shipping service provider in our Terms & Conditions.

Except for the refund or reimbursements of fees as stated in the Refund Policy, CKGS would not be liable to the Applicant  in any manner for any applications made, including liability in or under contract, negligence, tort, statute or otherwise howsoever and / or  for any  injury, death, loss or damage as a result of  deficiency and / or delays  and / or  rejections of such applications for any reason on the part of the concerned Embassy  / Consulate  or transmission delays or loss of passport or documents due to act or default of the concerned  postal / shipping company.

Should the Applicant decide to avail the return shipping facility from CKGS, the documents will be returned only to the Applicant’s registered present address or permanent address as specified in the shipping order. In case of a change of address for the return shipping; CKGS will be unable to assist with this change request and does not take any liability / responsibility for such claims that may arise.

No employee of CKGS has the authority whatever to change, amend, amplify or withdraw these Disclaimer  Terms & Conditions.

This Disclaimer should be read in conjunction with the Declaration & Undertaking, Terms and Conditions, relevant Document Checklist and Forms and the Privacy Policy. The information contained herein (including any accompanying document /s) is / are confidential and is /are intended solely for the addressee (s) only and may constitute privileged information.

If you have erroneously received this message, please immediately delete it and notify the sender. Also, if you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this message or any accompanying document /s  is / are strictly prohibited and is / are unlawful. The organization is not responsible for any damage caused by a virus or alteration of the email by a third party or otherwise. The contents of this message may not necessarily represent the views or policies of CKGS.